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3 for 1 Ebook deal 2024

3 for 1 Ebook deal 2024

Happy New Year! 


In light of the new year I decided to create a new ebook deal from my exisiting ebooks. This deal consists of 3 seperate ebooks in 1 giant download! to acces each book, click on the image on page one. 

The first book you get is my keto beginner guide. This is a 16 page guide where I wrote down everything I learned in losing over 100lbs in 11 months using the Keto Diet. This diet chnaged my life and was the only thing that ever worked for me! 7 years later, I have maintained my weightloss. 


Next is my Keto tiktok 2020 edition ebook. This book is incredible! It contains 170 Keto recipes! The best part is each recipe has link you can click and it will bring you right to my tiktok vodeo so you can watch me make that dish and have all the written directions. Each recipe also comes with Macros per serving so if you track, it is fool proof! 


Last is my paperback in ebook form! Keto Health and Macros is a collection of 83 of some of my favorite Keto recipes! This book also includes QR codes that link straight to my social media! 


In total you are getting the beginner guide as well as 253 Keto recipes! Everything is sugar free and keto friendly! From apps, mains, desserts, snacks, sauces, mug cakes, fat name it! 


Please remember once you purchase the download, you have 30 days to save it any device or the link will be not be active after 30 days. (sorry I cannot control this) You will be sent a reminder a week prior to this happening, so just make sure you are saving your new books to any device! Ebooks are not available to resend.


I want to thank you all for the continued support! You are such a pivotal part of my dreams coming true! 


Happy New Year! 


Chef Erin 

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