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170 keto recipes. 2020 edition

170 keto recipes. 2020 edition

This is my newest ebook including 170 Keto recipes!. Here you will find all my recipes from tiktok that I created in 2020.  This ebook is also interactive. Click on the recipe in table of contents and it brings you to that recipe. On each recipe, under the ingredients, you will see a link. Click on that and the video of me making that dish will automacticlly open! (how cool) 

Please remember once you get the link sent to your email,  that you save your new cookbook into your computer. The link in email does expire after 30 days. If this ebook is not downloaded within 30 days of purchase, the entire ebook will disaappear with it. Please make sure to save the book link into a device of your choice before that 30 days. 

Thank you so very much for your support and I hope the guide helps you in your journey to a more healthy you! 

Chef Erin


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