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Keto Health & Macros

Keto Health & Macros

3rd edition ebook! Keto health & Macros! 90 keto recipes with macros and each recipe has a link you can click. This link opens a video of me preparing that dish! There are also links to ingredients for your convenience. Just click where you see a little shopping cart! Each vegetarian dish is labeled, along with spicy dishes too! 

As always, please remember the links to download are valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. This means you need to take the link sent to your email and download the file into a drive or cloud to ensure you save and have your new book forever! The moment you purchase, you may also hit the "download" option immediately without leaving my website and it will automaticlly save into the device you are using. Or, just check your email that will contain the link and download it into whatever device or multiple devices you choose.  

This is also a printable book too! 

I really hope you feel the love that was put into this edition! 

Thank you so much for your continued support!! It means the world to me! 

Thank you! 

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